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Love (Cocoon) Healing Bundle


Blue Sage & Rose Smudge the powers of sage for energetic cleansing, dispelling of negative influences in the spirit realms, purification of the atmosphere, and calming of fiery emotions, arguments, and confrontations. Also, for clearing your body, mind, and spirit of any negativity, stagnation, or energetic disturbances within or surrounding you. Welcome in all the elements of the earth during your mediation and energetic cleansing rituals Air | Fire | Water | Earth 

Love Affirmation: "I am beautiful inside and out, and I resonate on the highest frequency of love. I give, receive and welcome in love with myself and others."

The smoke from Blue Sage / Rose emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and can be used to transmute negative energy into love in any space.  
Rose quartz is the stone for unconditional LOVE for self and others. Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra and is the perfect stone for receiving and welcoming in love.
Tiger's Eye brings positive vibes to the wearer and is known as the protective stone.  Providing protection during your most vulnerable phases (COCOON).
HOW TO USE: Light one end of the SMUDGE STICK, allow it to burn completely burn.  Can be used around the space, or simply circle it around an object, person, or image to evoke love.  Hold CRYSTAL in left hand and place it near the associated chakra. Use FEATHER to distribute smoke. Hold SHELL when you need to invoke calm during the day.  
Our crystals are full moon charged, cleansed in sacred smoke, reiki infused, programmed, and ethically sourced.