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Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul

Zen Soul Apothecary makes being on your spiritual journey less challenging to navigate. Our products evoke healing of the 7 chakras, and take our customers on a transformational spiritual journey that mirrors the butterfly metamorphosis. We provide metaphysical healing modalities, self care products, and healing herbal teas, to accompany our energy services. We believe the key to any healing journey starts from within with these 4 steps. LOVE for self, RELEASING the old, ELEVATING your thoughts, and creating daily BALANCE. The power is within you. Let's create balance and HEAL.


Andrea is a gift to us from the universe. She helped me release stagnant energy from each chakra. I released so many emotions with her that when I left I felt that I was flying. Such a wonderful heart and sprit she has. Healing is a lifetime journey why not make it a little easier and have guidance from a place of pure love .

Endia N.

I enjoyed my virtual session with Andrea. Her aura speaks for itself. You are definitely in for a treat to sit with her energy as she walks you through sitting in & moving through your own. I feel more clear minded and level headed in the days following. I would recommend to my loved ones :) book with her!

Kaitlyn W.

The experience is life changing. Very therapeutic, Peaceful and Harmonious. She explained everything and allowed my spirit to move us through the process. The location and personal experience made for an amazing healing process. She was effortlessly wrapped in love and it showed along the journey.

Sharita R.