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About Us

Mother and Daughter duo, Andrea Polk (owner of Solo Noir For Men) and daughter Ava (actor and model) launches Zen Soul Apothecary to help create balance and zen within the body and home.  We believe there are 4 steps to healing the body. Self Love - Release - Elevate - Balance. They have broken it down into the life cycle of a butterfly: Self-Love (Cocoon) is when you reconnect with your inner child to evoke healing, Release (Emerge) is detoxing the body and toxic thought patterns, Elevate (Rise) upgrading your thoughts, self care routine and connecting to your spiritual self, and Balance (Flourish) finding daily harmony to evoke continuous healing.  

jThe duo was inspired by Andrea’s debilitating health issue in 2019-early 2021. When the medical industry couldn’t offer a solution to the root cause for her health issue she took matters in her own hands and began within. She rediscovered her knack for all things holistic, spiritual, self care, and rediscovered her personal power.  What she describes as the most challenging time in her life when death was a recurring theme in her sight she soon began to realize that what was happening "TO HER" was actually happening "FOR HER”and she was going on a personal metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a flourishing butterfly.  She began using daily affirmations for healing, visualizations, grounding in nature, healing her inner child and releasing the old thought processes and attachments that no longer served her.  As she began perfecting her daily self care routine she began to heal (transform) rapidly, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically.  

Andrea became certified in Shamonic Reiki and began healing herself.  Once her healing transformation became more visible she began sharing her healing journey with others and metamorphosed into a better version of herself.  Life became more fulfilling once she overcame the emotional challenges (emerged from her cocoon) that held her back from flourishing into the beautiful butterfly she was destined to be.  

What she once feared as death approaching she over-stood that she had to experience her inner metamorphosis (debilitating ailment) which was merely her spiritual awakening redirecting her back to herself.  As she began to heal, others began to ask her to share her secrets in clearing through the emotional blockages (baggage) that may be blocking their healing to assist in their personal butterfly metamorphosis. 

During this time her daughter Ava was her constant driver in motivating her to “Get Back To Her”, as she often made up songs to  encourage her to move her body, make her smile, and overload her with joy and laughter.  Ava was instrumental to her tapping into her spiritual self often telling her that its not always going to be this way, and telling her daily how beautiful she was even on her most unique  looking days (cocoon).

Ava began sitting in on her mother's morning grounding calls with Sista Shamon and the healing tribe of Haji Healing Salon and began learning how to perform Reiki along side of her mother.  Ava’s skills became so polished she once performed Reiki on her mother and grandmother and shortly after all three fell asleep and woke up refreshed.  Her love for the chakras, yoga, and spirituality started from birth as she had a special connection with trees, the sun moon and stars, and had a keen sense of feeling energy.  

Together this dynamic duo focus on teaching others how to create harmony and balance (Zen) in the home and within their bodies to evoke transformative (metamorphosis) healing.