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Shamonic Reiki is the practice of shamanism (earth medicine) combined with the practice of Usui Reiki (a tradition of energy healing most often accredited to Mikao Usui of Japan). Shamanic Reiki Practitioners are trained in the lineage of SistaShamon Maria who is a legacy Shamon and a Master Teacher of Usui Reiki.  Shamanic Reiki Practitioners are encouraged to use their unique gifts in service of healing their communities. Each practitioner is empowered to employ a variety of techniques within each session from oracle divination to the playing of musical instruments, from chanting to candle work, from crystal grids, to guided relaxation and more.  Shamanic Reiki is a practice of seeing and supporting the whole person and often includes an invitation for the client to go deeper at home with written reflection and releasing or sealing rituals.  Shamonic Reiki is not a region and is not religious in origin.  It is a spiritual practice that works directly with the spirit and the energy body.