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Black Obsidian "Protection"


Relax, Relate, RELEASE! Black Obsidian is seen as a protective stone, one that shields you and your loved ones from negative energy.  EMERGE and release all things that no longer serve you. Our crystals are full moon charged, cleansed in sacred smoke, reiki infused, programmed, and ethically sourced.


HOUSE/OFFICE: Place near the main entryway to protect the energy that enters your space. 

ON THE GO: Carry in your pocket when facing your fears. Place in car for protection on the road

INTERNAL USE (place in a distilled water and drink slowly): Assist in digestion, detoxification, and pain relief, as well as provides clarity by removing fear and anxiety

Disclaimer: Our stones are as unique as the owner that it finds them. All stones are unique in shape, size, and color and range from 2 cm to 4 cm.