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Balance (Flourish) Healing Bundle


Rosemary aids in purifying vibrations, it helps drive away nightmares and creates emotional uplifting. Use this sage smudge stick to remove negative or incompatible energies and vibrations from the environment.
As a smudge, the smoke from Rosemary emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations. Use this smudge stick to cleanse a space for rituals or ceremony. Clears negativity, promotes confidence and invigorates the mind. Because it can banish negative energies, this is an excellent herb to prepare the space and the mind.
Healing Bundle for Crown Chakra
HOW TO USE: Light one end of the SMUDGE STICK, allow it to burn completely burn.  Can be used around the space, or simply circle it around an object, person, or image to evoke love.  Hold CRYSTAL in left hand and place it near the associated chakra. Use FEATHER to distribute smoke. Hold SHELL when you need to invoke calm during the day.  
Our crystals are full moon charged, cleansed in sacred smoke, reiki infused, programmed, and ethically sourced.